Malvazija - Ribca - 2018

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Malvasia Muscat (muškatna malvazija) consists of dried Malvasia grapes for 1 month, macerated for 3 weeks and the Moscato from Istria. The wine is 2 years on lees in used oak barrels and it was just bottled with a little of sulphur (30 mg/l). The alcohol is around 12,5% vol.. The wine is not filtered and no temperature control is used in the cellar. We do not use selected yeasts, so the wine started the fermentation with the indigenous, native yeasts from the vineyard. The same is with the malolactic fermentation, which is completely spontaneous with indigenous bacteria. All our wines are aged sur-lie (on the yeast lees, sediment) for two years or more in a wooden barrel to add richness, depth and intensity and to naturally absorb oxygen in the juice. The wine tastes and smells of the white chocolate, muscat nuts, cinnamon and other winter tastes. On the other hand, it has high acids, combined with noble volatiles, it washes the mouth and is still fresh, fruity. Perfect paired with greasy fish, white meet, soya dishes and fusion cuisine.