Malvazija - Nos Tra - 2017

Redna cena €30,50

Vključno z davkom.

The location of the Malvasia vineyard is Manžan, placed at an altitude of 90 m asl, overlooking the Gulf of Koper (Adriatic Sea) and the Julian Alps. The strain on a vine with grapes does not exceed 1,5 kg per vine. The grapes were manually harvested between 12 and 15 September 2017, when they were perfectly matured. The wine is produced by traditional method. After destalking the juice is in contact with the berries skin (maceration) for six days. A spontaneous fermentation is triggered in an open container, which means that it is necessary to take a regular and careful dipping of the "hat" at the beginning of the fermentation process, as often as every  three hours, to avoid oxidation. After the quilting, the Malvasia has been maturing for another 8 months on fine pulp. A part went into a new inox barrel, the rest in  used wooden Barrique kasks.

We did not add sulphur before bottling. The maceration and ripe grapes give the wine an intense and deep golden yellow color with amber shades. The wine is not filtered therefore it is slightly cloudy. The scent takes us through the Mediterranean cuisine as is extremely rich. One can perceive a note of ripe yellow fruits, dried flowers, herbs, sweet spices and vanilla. The taste is just as rich, fresh, with an elegant body and slightly salty mineral tang.

Its body is gentle, warm and indicates a higher alcoholic content. It is an excellent specimen of Malvasia, which demonstrates fully the characteristics of the variety and surprises us with every sip we take. An extraordinary wine that says more than words can describe. An emotionally rich and unique wine, certainly one that expresses the peculiarity of the terroir, so we highly recommend it.